Fiber Optic Cable Maintenance and Repair Services

We operate mostly in Tallinn, Harju county, Estonia. If you happen to be elsewhere, just let us know. We do offer hot fixes for almost any troubleshooting need you might have.

Our services are needed mostly when:

  • You damaged your fiber optic cables inside your house or apartment?
  • You recently moved to a place and after a telecom technician tried to obtain signal for a terminal device (ONT) and couldn’t due to enormous loss in signal?
  • You need to move your terminal location and extension for a cable is needed.
  • After long discussion with telecom call center they told you the network you are situated is third party and you need to figure it out by yourself.
  • You got highly priced offer and need to have secondary offer
  • Or did you break only the connector end? (sc/apc-upc etc)

    We use only highly qualified workers who have been trained by years of experience working in telecommunication field.

You could contact us by writing or by phone > click here!

juuni 4, 2022